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The Bridge – Volume 1

AEP Is Over – Now What?

Whether you are a new or existing Medicare plan, January is the best time to make sure your membership is accurate, digest any issues identified, and develop a process improvement plan.

Successful enrollment processing requires training, execution of established processes, and an ability to adjust as needed based on inventory and circumstance. A review of “lessons learned” during AEP is a critical look-back activity. In doing this internal evaluation, some areas to review include common problem areas:

  • Timely submission of applications by agents/brokers.
  • Electronic application loading process from multiple sources.
  • Inventory fluctuations and delay in processing paper and faxed applications.
  • Failure to download and process OEC enrollment file accurately.
  • Monitoring and processing of Fallout/Error reports to identify any issues with loading of applications from all sources, including the exports/integration with downstream claim payment systems.
Author: Jennifer Young

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