Our Partners

Our consulting partners are as passionate and dedicated to client solutions as we are. Their experience allows us to dynamically increase our ability meet your end-to-end needs.

Attac Consulting Group (ACG)
Collaborating with Attac Consulting Group increases the breadth of experience Madena brings to our clients. Together we create solid solutions in the areas of Audits, Operations, and Training.

Catapult Consultants
Catapult’s capabilities as a company align with, augment, and expand Madena’s healthcare expertise. We rely on Catapult for their well-rounded federal government experience with Cyber Security, Financial Management and Custom Analytics.

Medicare & Part D Compliance Specialists (MPDCS)
The complexity of privatized government-administered healthcare creates challenges for both health plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs).  Madena extends its Medicare operational expertise through an alliance with MPDCS, a consulting firm that specializes in the full spectrum of Medicare Part D program requirements including operational, formulary and compliance solutions.